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Winter night

Augen so blau wie der Ozean und ein geliebter Mensch. Die idealen Ingredienzen für ein Gedicht, dachte sich die Autorin Elena Wucher. 

18. Februar 2022

Ocean blue eyes, that make me feel like I’m in paradise,

and today time flies.

The silky, golden hair sitting on your shoulder,

as you exit the room, it immediately gets colder.

The frosty winter breeze hits your face and makes it glow red, so pretty,

and the cold yet so hot breath that hits me.

The stars only shine for us tonight,

have you ever seen them glow like such bright lights?

And the snow falling softly right onto your face!

But all of a sudden, I see your facial expressions change.

And as I fall on the tracks,

I feel everything relapse.

But then I remember all the highs

as I take a final look into your ocean eyes.

And this time, I am in paradise.