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Die Liebe in Worte fassen. Das fällt Joy Meuli schwer. In ihrem Gedicht stehen dafür die Zahlen 143 – I Love You. Eine weitere Inspirationsquelle: In Japan sage man: «The moon is beautiful tonight, isn't it?», um einer Person seine Liebe zu gestehen.

28. Februar 2022

I’ve been meaning to tell you something 

Is all that escapes my mouth 

The rest is trapped and so it remains

Why can’t I just say it?

Why does it give me all kinds of pains?!

I can only show you through gestures and texts

Through symbols and codes 

But to actually let the words flow out?

I can’t help but stand there, staring, trying to talk

In my mind I’m screaming so loudly

But my lips are sealed 

Because my heart hasn’t healed